Cadence Connections

Applied Simulation Technology is a member of the Cadence Connections program.  The program allows integration of Apsimís software to the Cadence CAD environment.  Apsim has developed interfaces to the Cadence Allegro products. Apsim has been a member of the program since 1996. The program has been a great asset for both Cadence and Apsim users.

Cadence to Apsim CAD Interface

Cadence to Apsim CAD Interface Usage

Allegro .brd, .apd or .mcm database files and the Allegro extract command are needed.

The interface program AL2AAIF is used to access and convert the Allegro CAD data into Apsimís internal format AAIF or AIF.

AL2AAIF usage and access is found in Apsimís application software called ApsimTOPOL.

The converted AAIF or AIF format is a text based description of the CAD data.

Apsimís AAIF or AIF data is used by all of Apsimís  application software to model and simulate the design.

ApsimSPI is a future product which is announced but not fully released.

The interface is a one way only.  Any interactive changes are made with the Apsim application software.