Applied Simulation Technology (Apsim) develops Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMI/EMC analysis software for IC, Package and PCB design considering Imperfect / Non-Ideal Power / Ground.

Press Release:
New Product Release - ApsimZoDisplay

Immunity simulation added to ApsimSPE

Apsim SPE, Signal, Power and EMI Simulator

A Full Chip Power Simulator

Parallel FDTD and SPICE with Port Subdivision

Chip Complexity Requires Signal and Power Integrity

A Method for Analyzing Full Chip PI and EMI Using Parallel Processed PEEC Methoddddddd

Full scale / Mixed simulation of IC,
     Package / PCB
Imperfect/Non Ideal Ground
     Modeling handing arbitrary 
     shape Patterns

2D and 3D Full-Wave Field Solvers
     Super Linear Solver
     Mixed SPICE / IBIS
     Model Order Reduction
Parallel Processing by partitioning
Support 32 bit OS and 64 bit OS


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