Simulators Modelers
ApsimSPE (Signal Integrity, Power Integrity and EMI Simulator) ApsimRLGC (2d+ capacitive field solver)
ApsimSI - PCB (Advanced Signal Integrity Simulator for PCB) ApsimIBIS-LCR 2 (Electrical Characterization of IC Packages)
ApsimSI - IC (Advanced Signal Integrity Simulator for IC's) ApsimLPG (Accurate LSI model for Common Mode EMI and SSO)
ApsimPI-LSI (Full Chip Power Integrity considering Silicon Substrate Effects) ApsimIBIS-Took Kit (SPICE to IBIS)
ApsimFDTD (3D-full wave Electromagnetic Simulator) ApsimSPAR (Returns S-parameters)
ApsimFDTD-SPICE (Full Wave Non-linear Signal Integrity and EMI Solution) ApsimPLANE (3d inductive field solver)
ApsimFDTD-SPAR (Full Wave Electromagnetic Solver) ApsimCAP3-D (3d capacitive field solver)
ApsimRADIA (EMC/EMI Radiated Emission Noise Simulation) ApsimMPG (Model Package Generator)
ApsimRADIA-WB (Design Workbench for EMI Analysis) ApsimIBIS-Translator (IBIS to SPICE)
ApsimDELTA-I (Ground/Power Plane Noise Simulator) ApsimTSG (Table SPICE Generator)
ApsimSPICE (Advanced Circuit Simulator)  
ApsimOMNI (Signal and Ground/Power Plane Analysis)
ApsimR-PATH (EMI Path Analyzer)
ApsimLCD (Advanced LCD Simulator)

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